I recently had lunch at the Blue Goat Café with Karen Borell in San Marcos, TX and the owner treated us to a nice little desert of fresh fruit on top of homemade crème fraîche in a toasted croissant –it was so delicious! So I thought to myself I could make that at home but instead of the crème fraîche, I would use my favorite yogurt, Stonyfield Farms Whole Milk French Vanilla Organic Yogurt or Whole Soy & Co. Organic Vanilla Soy Yogurt.

Now my kids love this yogurt and they love fresh fruit but I wasn’t too sure about them mixed together over a croissant.  Well, I cut open the middle part of the croissant and lightly toasted it, poured in a few spoonfuls of Organic Yogurt and tossed in some cut up strawberries, cherries, peach and for my baby girl a slice of banana (she loves bananas). Needles to say they all ate it up, even my 4-year old who is a real fussy eater. So if you want to add a little je ne se qua this Tuesday for Bastille Day (July 14), this would be a simple and delicious way to do it.