I made an awesome sandwich today. It was my take on a fried egg sandwich. My affiliation with the fried egg sandwich goes back to my senior year in high school. My first class of the day (I never made it to home room) was Earth Science and before class, a classmate of mine would drive down to the Brower Avenue Deli (on Long Island) for the breakfast special, a large coffee and an egg sandwich for $1.99. The sandwich was served on a large Kaiser roll with two fried eggs and I would get mine with tomato and mayo. It is one of the only things I still remember from high school! So now and again I get a hankerin’ for one.

Just the other day,a friendbrought over some fresh eggs from his chickens, so since then I have been thinking about an egg sandwich. Lunchtime hit today and that was it, I had to have one. I didn’t have any Kaiser rolls on hand but I did have some fresh sesame bagels from Einstein’s Bagels; so I toasted one up! I went in the fridge for my Grapeseed Vegenaise (this is the best mayo around) and a tomato and noticed some homemade pesto Linda made the other day and some fresh jalapeno salsa that our friend Mary makes, so I smeared those on my bagel as well. I fried my two eggs and voila!, a truly awesome sandwich was born. I can’t wait to make another one.

Note for vegans: Fry a thin slice of tofu in a little olive oil instead of the eggs.