My wife and have a 1 year old that loves to eat. So, instead of buying baby food in a jar for him we make it from scratch (if you have ever tasted baby food from a jar, you’ll understand). Louie eats a variety of vegetables and fruit purees. Basically we cut, peel, steam and puree everything from apples to dates and spinach to sweet potato. The local farmer’s market offers great deals on organic produce, we usually buy what’s in season and then make it into baby food. We take some for the week and then the rest we put in ice cube containers and freeze it.

Well, the other day I was feeding Baby Louie and I ended up tasting his food. It was so good, I ended up making a bowl for myself. It was fresh, flavorful and delicious all at the same time; I thought to myself, “this kid is eating good”. Okay, this is what we ate: A mixture of spinach, sweet potato and corn puree mixed with grits and quinoa.

Other favorites are mango puree with mashed up banana and a tablespoon of coconut milk, and date and apple puree with cinnamon mixed with multigrain cereal.

So next time you’re thinking “what’s for dinner?” just have what the baby’s having, good ol’ fresh fruit and veggie purees.