I was just in Whole Foods Market today and I had the pleasure of meeting Rick and Peggy Wright of Katy, Texas. Better yet I had the pleasure of tasting their line of texas-made salsas. I’ve had plenty of salsas in my day, but I honestly haven’t tried one that tasted so fresh out of a bottle before, that is until today. The Wrights of Texas as their salsa is called comes in two kinds, a classic red and a unique green salsa. The red salsa comes mild, medium and hot and the green has two varieties of mild and hot. I tried them all and they were fantastic. They all tasted like they were made just then but I have to say the green salsa won my heart. With a unique blend of cucumber, avocado and tomatillo, the green hot salsa (habanero peppers are added) was jump off the chip delicious; fresh garden taste with a nice hot burn afterwards.

All of their salsas are raw with no added sugars, artificial preservatives, or vinegars.  They are refrigerated from the time that they make them. They don’t make any of their salsas until they’re ordered.  Whole Foods Market on Lamar  carry their salsas and I have to say it is worth the visit. You can also order their salsas straight off their website